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All FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Information



General questions

Can I do a step back in the webshop?
-No, your browser could give an error if you do this. If you get the error please close your browser and make a new order. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Who is Royal Christmas since 1936?
- Royal Christmas is the brand name for the Group Veldpape Christmas items. Royal Christmas Christmas produces the articles themselves and in about 75 countries worldwide. Royal Christmas you can buy at garden centers, DIY stores and cherry. Since 2001 you can also directly online with us.

What is so special about Royal Christmas collection?
- Royal Christmas is the undisputed No. 1 in artificial Christmas trees in Europe. The artificial Christmas trees are produced and developed our own ear. See movie, how we made it.

What information do I need to mention any questions about an order? - Always include your order number beginning with 2017 ---- the more information we have, the faster we can serve you.

At which times can we contact artificialchristmastree.nl?
- please look at Customer Service.

Who is this site for?
- This site is intended for both individuals and companies, anyone can order from us online.

What does the discount code in the cart?
- The discount code is forgiven by the employees of Royal Christmas. If you buy multiple trees or if you have a fixed relationship are Royal Christmas. Can the employee discount code forgiven. The code is not without reason by giving strengthened.

Customer review Royal Christmas, would you judge us?
- With every order you will receive by email a review of mail Test pilot. At this point you can give your opinion on Royal Christmas. On the basis of the known stars, the website reviewed by the customers. You opinion counts and future customer impression about the process of Royal Christmas.

Code for website www.royalchristmas.nl and www.royalchristmas.com.hk
- The Royal Christmas site with the extension. Com,. Eu, com com.hk are designed for resellers. Only companies such as garden centers, hardware stores, wholesalers have access to this website, not for consumers.

B2B no VAT
- Customers outside the Netherlands do not have to pay VAT if they are VAT register number and corresponding address. You can always check yourself http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en" see link on the home B2B.

Is there any further information available?
- For questions and / or information may be contacted by telephone during office hours from 08.30 t / m 12.00 and 13.00 t / m 17.00

Can I get a broken LED lamp in the LED tree easily replaced?
- No, the LED lighting / LED lights can not be replaced.

If 1 light is broken than all the lights go out?
- No, then the rest of the lights keep shining . Only if a bulb is removed , the connection is broken and the whole cable goes out.

Do the Christmas articles meet the demands for fire prevention?
- Yes all our Christmas articles meet the required demands; flame retardant according to European standards (NEN-EN71-2,DIN,B1). On request you will receive a certificate by e-mail with your order.
NEN-EN 71-2 - Flame-Retardant

Is it possible to buy the Christmas articles in the store?
- There are several Christmas shops in the Netherlands where the articles of Royal Christmas can be viewed, see http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/kerstwinkels.html locations for addresses and opening hours.

The Royal Christmas showroom will open from October until the 1st week of January Here the items viewed.

The opening of the showroom is open Monday / Saturday from 08.30 t / m 12.00 and 13.00 t / m 17.00. From the months of November and December the showroom on Sunday to visit from 13.00 t / m 17.00.

Can you straight from the showroom also buy and take a tree?
- Yes it is possible, all products on the website are in stock. when it is offered online is available in store or order online.

What is hinged construction and hook-on construction?
- With artificial Christmas trees there are two possible construction methods. With the hinged construction the branches are connected to the steel pole. And, as the words tell, with the hook-on construction you have to hook on the branches to the pole.


Is the ..... tree also in stock?
- All trees, wreaths, garlands, etc. on the site are in stock and so almost immediately available. This is also clearly stated on the website.

The trees can also be used outdoors?
- The tree may be outside. Only artificial Christmas trees with lights not. The trees are actually meant for indoors. However, they can still stand outside but the life will be reduced. this means also for the wreaths and garlands.

Is there warranty on all your products?
- Yes, every product has 2 years of warranty and After Sale Service.

Can I order empty storage boxes?
- Yes, you will receive a luxury box by the dimensions 120 x 40 x 40 cm. Unfortunately, not always available. Do you still want to order one storage boxes email to: info@royalchristmas.nlThe cost will be between € 15, - and € 20, - incl shipping, this is country dependent

Which substance / material are the baubles made?
- These baubles are plastic.

Which substance / material are the artificial Christmas trees made?
- Several trees are made of different materials. Thus, the one of PE / PVC material of the other PE material and another of PVC material. See MATERIALS, http://www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/materials.html

What is covered by the length of the tree?
- The length of the tree is the seed, the tree and the top.

What is covered by the length of the tree?
The length of the tree is including the foot


Example hook-on construction:


Example hinged construction:



















Can I buy all the articles on the website?
- All the articles can be ordered online, payment by credit card or direct transfer.

What is the minimum order?
- The minimum order is € 49,-

How to order the Christmas items?
- You can easily order by following the steps indicated on the page "Order" and view the pictures or the video for a full explanation. For companies and institutions, it is also possible to fax and email to order.

Do I get an order confirmation?
- Yeah, after ordering you will automatically see a page that says the order is processed. You will also receive by email a confirmation with a summary of your order. This is also your invoice.

At the payment page at Beneficiary I see: "Group Veldpape via Tunz.com NV/SA", is this correct?
- Yes, this is correct. Tunz.com is part of Ingenico payment services. They process all online payments for us.

Do I get an invoice?
- Yes, the printed order it is also the commercial invoice including VAT.

- Are there any discounts available?
- Yes, this is dependent on the order and goods, notify us.

Who will deliver the Christmas articles?
- The Christmas articles will be delivered by DPD or DHL.

What if I am not home when my order arrives; what happens with the articles?
- DHL and DPD leave a message that they have been at your door and they will come back the next day for delivery. They always leave a note with a phone number to call; in case you will not be there you can pick up your articles at the local depot.

Is it possible to order from abroad?
- Yes, if there are already artificial Christmas trees shipped including Kuwait, Chile and Ned. Antilles. These trees are even longer way!


Is it possible to be delivered to a different address than the invoice?
- Yes you can. This must be clearly indicated by means the delivery address well to fill in comments. Or if you do the order online, different delivery address to select. We do not deliver to a PO box or to the pack station

Are all artificial Christmas trees in a stable box delivered?
- Yes, all artificial Christmas trees are delivered in one or more boxes.

What are the shipping costs?
- The transport costs for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany free. To view rates for other countries please use the following link to: http://www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/delivery.html You will have to look carefully, because there are differences between the sending of a tree with a normal height and with a Giant Tree. Giant trees are minimal transportation costs are calculated, see link A maximum of 1 x shipping charges. For example, Italy is € 9.95 and even if you ordered it 6 x artificial Christmas remains € 9.95

Can I pay after delivery?
- All online orders will be payable immediately. For setting and government is possible to take ordering, the invoice should you pay after delivery.

Can I get an invoice?
- If the order is mailed to you and there info@royalchristmas.nl data and listed in order you will receive an invoice.

How long does a shipment?
- This depends on when and where the item is ordered to go. On the site: http://www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/delivery.html state for each country how long it will take and transport about how expensive it is. You will have to look carefully, because there are differences between sending a Giant tree and a tree of normal height. For the Netherlands and Germany, 1 x day while italy 2 0 3 days. In weekends is not supplied.

Orders are also shipped outside Europe?
- This will be done on special request. In the past there have sometimes been shipments to Morocco for example.

Which transport the Christmas items delivered?
- DPD and their national partners, France Chronopost https://www.dpd.com for information Giant trees are conquered by DHL.

Who is the local carrier by region of DPD?
- https://www.dpd.com/nl/Home/Verzenden/Verzendmogelijkheden2/Depot2


Can I track my order?
With each order you receive a track and trace. With this code you can follow your shipment. With the online order you will receive a track and trace code.

When will I receive the ordered Christmas items?
If the items ordered and paid before 11 o'clock in the morning, the order will be processed and shipped the same day.

How are the Christmas items home delivery?
The Christmas items are delivered by DPD and DHL.

What happens if the package is delivered and there is nobody home?
The articles are offered free for the second time the next day.

When do I get my tree (package)?
- On the site http://www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/delivery are the cost and duration of the mission. When a consignment via DPD is always a track and trace number. With that number, the package followed.

I have not gotten Track and Trace number?
An e-mail to info@royalchristmas.nl and ask for the track and trace number. This is then sent.

Missing, wrong or broken pieces

Missing one block to the top to confirm
Send An e-mail to info@royalchristmas.nl containing the problem so that it can be solved. Clearly state your order number 2017 --- and what the problem is. We want it as quickly as possible for you to solve.

Missing a twig
For this situation, money is actually the same as a missing block. It should be passed to the tree in question and what branch. All branches have a letter and a color. This must be passed as every tree is different.

I have ordered a tree. Upon arrival it appears to be a completely different tree
If it turns out that’s our fault you got the wrong tree. Then we pick the tree and send the right tree. All expenses we take for our account.

I bought a tree and after three months, the lights no longer work. Do I have here warrenty on?
On lighting is no guarantee. Het has done it for 3 months. Does he not already on arrival? Then you get sent new course. In the latter case, please contact us.

I have ordered a tree. Upon arrival it appears that the tree is too large, can it be exchanged?
This tree can be exchanged for a smaller one. The extra costs are at your own expense. The extra costs are: retrieving the packet and sending the desired package.

Do the Christmas items to the alleged fire safety requirements?
Yes the Christmas items meet the European and Dutch requirements applicable fire safety requirements, on request, please e-mail receive a certificate when ordering. Royal Christmas attaches great importance to proper standards and tests its products to Dekra and Kema, SGS. The Christmas items meet the stated requirements NEN-EN71 -2, Rohs, B1 DIN 4102-1 only for Giant Trees etc.

Can I get a broken LED light in the LED tree easily replaced?
No, a broken LED lamp can not be replaced.

If a lamp breaks, then go right all the lights out?
No, keep the rest of the lights are normal. Only if a bulb is removed from the holder, the connection is broken and the whole cord.


Is it correct that there is a period of 7 days? And unused products can be returned
Yes that is correct, from the time of ordering.

How does return of Christmas items work?
For returning see the page: "Returns".

Complete packages and decorated trees

What is the difference between complete packages and decorated trees?

Decorated artificial Christmas trees:

The trees are in the location that you specify. All work is taken off your hands and we make sure that the artificial Christmas tree decorated for Christmas comes. After Christmas the tree again by our employees removed.

Complete packages:
Artificial Christmas Tree + Baubles + lighting + = complete package.

Tickets for the show

I'm interested in tickets for the exhibition in Frankfurt.
If you are interested in a card for the exhibition in Frankfurt, send an email to info@royalchristmas.nl and you get a response back

Cataloque offers

In the beginning of the year a catalog. In this catalog the whole collection of Royal Christmas 2017 found. These are not for individuals. There must be a minimum order of € 5,000. - Are taken here otherwise you will not qualify.

Can you send a catalog?

If you would like to receive a catalog in 2016 he can be sent to you by mail. Mail to dennis@royalchristmas.nl

Money affairs

Is the online ordering of products reliable and safe?
- Yes, Royal Christmas has a secure payment server and fulfills the conduct of Thuiswinkelwaarborg.

Is it possible to order through iDEAL?
- Yes, the payment method iDEAL is supported by the following banks: Rabobank, SNS Bank, Postbank, ING Bank, Fortis Bank of Scotland.

What payment options are offered on site?
- It can be paid in the following ways. With credit card, bank transfer and iDEAL, PayPal, Mr. Cash for Belgium, Giropay and sofortuberweiung for Germany See the link: Transfer money

Can I also transfer money? To which bank can I tranfer the money?
- You can transfer money to the Rabobank or IING bank in the Netherlands. For the customers in Germany can make payments to Deutsche Bank in Leer. And customers from Great Britain pounds can transfer to the ING Bank in the Netherlands see: transfer

Which currencies can be paid?
- In euro’s and British pounds

Is it safe to pay with credit card or iDeal?
- Yes, all data is checked and secured by Ogone and Interpay Netherlands.

How does Ideal work?
- When placing an order you indicate that you want to pay with iDEAL. Click on the iDEAL payment button and select your bank. You will then be forwarded to your own bank where the payment order is ready for you. You will be asked by your bank to fill in some information and you authorize the payment. The amount will be directly debited from your checking and Store.nl is informed that the order is paid. You can use iDEAL by means Internet banking with ABN AMRO, Postbank, Rabobank, ING Bank, Fortis Bank or SNS.

Which credit card can be used? And is it safe?
- All mayor credit cards like VISA, American Express and MasterCard. We have an secured website and all the payments are arranged through our payment service provider www.ogone.nl so safety is guaranteed.

Your information will be send by SSL; Secure Socket Layer – Protocol. The information is send by a secure line between the browser and internet server. All the information is decrypted. Royal Christmas guarantees the safety of payments.

Is it possible to receive an invoice?
- Yes, you can print it from your order oversight which is also your invoice, this will also be automatically send to your email address (so please enter your correct email address).

Is it correct that there is a visibility period of 14 days? And products should be returned unused.
- Yes this is correct, at the moment of the order.

How will the return of Christmas goods work?
- You tell us that you want the package to be picked up and we plan this together with you. Or you can return the package for your own account.


The site does not accept online payments.
- This complaint does sometimes occur. Usually this is already solved if the customer throughout the Internet and shut again placing the order. If this is not, mail to: info@royalchristmas.nl

Can I take a step back in the shop?
- The browser can play an error message. Close your browser completely and start again with your order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I receive the amount without VAT?
- All orders outside the Netherlands do not pay VAT. However, the VAT number will be checked and match the delivery address that can be done via the following link: www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/no-vat.html

Quotation, invoices and proformas

I am interested in what trees / wreaths etc. Can I get a quote?
- A quotation can always be made to the email address: dennis@royalchristmas.nl with the desired items. Quotation request for inter alia: - Hospitals, care centers, schools - companies See quotation,http://www.artificialchristmastree.co.uk/order-request.html

Payment is made. Will order now shipping?
- The package is only in shipping if the payment is made.

I placed an online order, but have not received invoice.
- By e-mail to info@royalchristmas.nl the invoice retrieved and sent yet.

Order before 1 PM delivery in 2 working days!
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